frequently asked questions

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Q) do they perform at events?

A) Yes, The Bombshells perform at a select amount of weddings and events each year.

q) Where are they based and will they travel?

A) The Bombshells are based in Hollywood, California but are available to travel anywhere in the country as well as select international destinations for bookings.

Q) do they perform with tracks?

A) Nope! The Bombshells only perform with live musicians.  Our band is the bee's knees.  

Q) how customizable is their set list?

A) The Bombshells' repertoire is comprised of 100% original arrangements written by David Coe Lamoureux specifically for Tiffany, Heather and Leah.  Therefore, customization is absolutely on the table.  If there is a particular song that you would like arranged for your event, we can make that happen (additional fees apply).

The Beverly Bombshells-Rockwell Table and Stage-03.05.2017_074-WEB.jpg

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Q) were you once called The Beverly Bombshells?  are they the same as you?

A)  Yep!  We recently dropped 'Beverly' in our name, and we are just 'The Bombshells' now!  Same old us - just sassier, classier, and to the point.